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JBM Recording is an all inclusive studio.We have a full array of instruments, drums, mics and pro gear included for your use in every session.You don't have to have any equipment! We supply it all! We strive to give you the best experience whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, our goal is your 100% satisfaction. We have worked with 100's of singer/songwriters and bands, 20 + years, recording, mastering, engineering, producing, graphic arts, web design, duplication and professional musician experience gets you the radio ready sound. Engineer, help producing and musician service with every session.Top gear and retail ready packaging gives you that pro touch. Don't need all of that? Just want to cut some demo's? No problem. Our laid back stress free work environment will make you feel at home, with a seasoned pro guiding your way to your ultimate finished product. We use Reaper DAW ( Pro Tools clone) and the Korg D3200 DAW. Unlimited tracking capabilities! Check out the gear page for the full list of equipment ALL INCLUDED in our low hourly price or blocks! Free basic mastering and1 cd with each recording session!Free musician service for drums, guitar, bass, piano/synths, background vocals, percussion needs. We will help produce your songs with over 20 years of performing and songwriting/recording all genre's of music.We offer top quality mastering, duplication, graphic arts, web design ( we designed this site ) and digital photgraphy ( head shots, CD cover and booklet/CD art) at the studio with the lowest rates around. We are here to help musicians, artists and models with their needs to help succeed in the entertainment business or just a great demo/ Christmas gift for your family. Call or email for booking your time at JBM Recording,CALL 951-821-8273 or email it's all on the contact page!


Recording$20 per hour$60 4 hr block$100 8 hr blockPro Mastering- 100's of the top plug-ins including Har-Bal Harmonic Balancing gives you that tried and true EQ curve (clone) from your favorite artists plus the hotest distortion free cd output you can achieve. $20 per song$125 complete CDfree cd with masteringDuplication$1 per cd no printing$10 Graphic art layout$1.50 cd and b&w printing$2.00 cd and color printing$10 booklet layout.50 b&w 2 pg. booklet$1.00 color 2 pg. booklet$1.00 4 pg. b&w booklet$1.50 4 pg. color booklet$99 Web designflash website ( we designed this one) up to 5 pages, pictures, videos, e-commerce. $10 per extra page. First upload included. Changes and reloads $5. We will help with acquiring your web name and storage space.Digital photography$99 Headshots package:1 hr studio time, pro lighting or natural indoor/outdoor lighting, 50 shots, 10-8"x10" prints b&w or color, all shots given on dvd for your own use.We accept credit cards, Paypal or Cash951.821.8273


Now recording on REDD 17-37-51mixing console plugins creating the authentic analog sound made famous at Abbey Road Studios used by The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Alan Parsons, Lenny Kravitz and 100's of other artists. Mastering with the Fairchild 670 compressor/limiter tube plugin

JBM Recording Murrieta, CA.

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